Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Fruits and Vegetables - Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

There’s a point of time in every adult’s life when he/she ponders upon why they didn’t listen to their moms when they were always on point while they said that fruits and veggies help us lead a healthy life. How awkwardly it hurts to wear high power reading glasses at a young age. Fruits and vegetables should occupy half of our plates during each meal in order to prevent illnesses. Fruits and vegetables include vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Eating a considerable amount of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis can deteriorate the risk of chronic diseases.

Nutritional Value in Vegetables


Vegetables are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. Vegetables especially spinach, tomatoes and bell peppers help red blood cells to form in the body and are very good for the skin and eyes.

Nutritional Value in Fruits


Fresh fruits without added sugars are rich in vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Heart diseases and low cholesterol can be curbed with fiber-rich fruits. Vitamin C rich fruits help in the healing of even the most stubborn of wounds faster and keep oral problems under check.

Lose Weight with Fruits and Vegetables


For anyone who is willing to lose weight choosing a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is optimal because fruits and vegetables help you cut on weight that you accumulate by eating outside or the weight that’s already stored in. This may involve a strict diet plan which may be available on the internet. But a plan which has been put into practice adhering to the internet for a very long time can be dangerous, it’s for this reason one should always get expert advice before following a diet plan. Nutritionists, in this case, can be divine messengers and help you achieve your body goals. Veda - physiotherapy, and nutrition clinic uncovers deficiencies, digestive disorders and a plethora of problems associated with weight gain or staggering weight loss and recommends the most suitable diet plan to go by. Veda believes in the ideology that health is the greatest wealth and embracing it can help one achieve an ailment-free lifestyle.

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